What comes to mind when you think about a massage chair? For many people, the images and ideas conjured up are misconceptions. If you haven’t had much exposure to massage chairs, it can be particularly easy to fall prey to these common myths.

1. They Are an Unnecessary Luxury

When most people think about having a massage chair in their home, they think of pampering themselves or being extravagant. In reality, owning a massage chair is no more of a luxury than owning home gym equipment like a weight bench or treadmill. The health benefits of using a massage chair daily include:

  • Relieving Stress
  • Relaxing Tight Muscles
  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Improving Circulation
  • Enabling Better Sleep

Especially if you go to a gym or use exercise equipment at home, it is important to incorporate a massage into your daily health and wellness routine. Doing so helps keep your muscles relaxed and limber and reduces your risk of exercise-related injuries.

2. They Are Too Expensive

Do you spend money each month on medications for sore muscles or joints? Do you visit a chiropractor or a masseuse on a regular basis? Perhaps you just live with chronic pain because you don’t have time to visit a medical professional or massage parlor.

When you purchase a massage chair and spend at least 15 minutes each day using it, you should be able to feel enough relief from pain and soreness that you can at least reduce the amount of pain pills you take or number of times you visit the chiropractor. You might be able to eliminate them all together. That not only saves you money but also keeps you from having to spend time driving to and from appointments.

Even if you’re just living with chronic pain and not seeking any kind of treatment, you can purchase a top-of-the-line massage chair for as little as $125 a month with nothing due up front. That’s less than what some people spend a month on coffee. Considering the health benefits a massage chair can provide, quality massage chairs are worth the investment.

3. They Are Ineffective

Unlike the simple vibrators in the early styles of massage chairs, the mechanics in the quality chairs manufactured today allow them to very accurately mimic a human massage. Massage chairs use a combination of rollers and airbags to closely imitate different types of massages such as:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Shiatsu
  • Swedish
  • Reflexology

They can target specific areas of your body and many chairs have rollers that operate on a 3D track so you can adjust the amount of pressure to your specifications. Rather than the stiff, mechanical experience many people think of, today’s massage chairs use more fluid movements and customized options to make sure you end up relaxed.

When you try out any of the massage chairs on the sales floor at our Rest and Relax locations, you’ll be able to experience their quality for yourself. Combining the latest in technology with elegant design and style, you’ll be impressed by how our massage chairs take relaxation and massage therapy to a new level. Stop by one of our showrooms today and feel the difference one of our chairs could make in your life.