Shopping for a hot tub usually involves hearing long lists of the features each tub possesses. While some features are beneficial, others can be annoying and even harmful. Read through this list so you don’t get stuck with unexpected hot tub issues.

1. Jets That Are Not Properly Sized or Placed

You want to avoid buying a hot tub based solely on the size of the jets and how many there are. Many hot tubs have jets that just push out a straight stream of water and can actually cause discomfort when you sit by them for more than a few minutes. Instead, it is much more important to focus on the number and size of the massage jets.

Look for jets that you can adjust to massage the areas that need it and rotate to pump out water in a massaging motion. It is also preferable to find jets that align with the shape of your back and aren’t just in a straight line.

2. The Wrong Type of Seating for Your Needs

There is an incredible variety of types of seating in hot tubs. Some of the most common are:

  • Lounge seats
  • Therapy seats
  • Cooling seats

Some hot tubs cater more towards lounging, others are designed more for therapy. If you’re looking to use your hot tub more frequently for social purposes, you may want to focus more on getting one with a larger number of seats. When you’ll be using the tub primarily for its therapeutic health benefits, make sure it has the right seats to address all your areas of concern.

3. Tubs That Require Too Many Harsh Chemicals

To keep harmful bacteria and other microorganisms from building up, most hot tubs need chemicals added to the water. Soaking in water with a high concentration of chemicals or breathing in the steam containing large quantities of chemicals can have negative effects on your body including:

  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Skin rash or irritation
  • Agitated asthma or allergies

Look for a hot tub that can be maintained using more natural methods or solutions with lower amounts of chemicals.

4. Large Headrest Pillows

Even if you perform regular cleaning and maintenance on your hot tub, mold will always be attracted to warm, moist areas. This is especially true if a hot tub has spongy surfaces where mold can bread, like soft, plush headrests. If you’re looking at a hot tub, make sure it either doesn’t have headrests or has small ones that are antimicrobial.

5. Loud Pump or Motor

One thing about looking at empty hot tubs in a showroom is you have no idea what they sound like. Does it sound like an airplane taking off when you turn on the jets? Will the motor or pump set off your car alarm? Especially in lower quality hot tubs, noise can be an issue. You don’t want the obnoxious sounds to limit your hot tub use. The best way to avoid this is to see (and hear) the tub or at least one by the same manufacturer in use before you purchase it.

Most of these features can be avoided simply by making sure the hot tub you purchase is high quality. That’s why Rest & Relax sells only the best hot tubs. We want you to be 100% happy with your tub and all it has to offer. You deserve a hot tub that will help you relax, not cause you more stress. Visit one of our showrooms today to look at and even try out a tub.