You’re considering purchasing a massage chair, and are concerned about getting the right one. While it can be beneficial to read reviews from others, everyone has different massage preferences and needs. The best way to make sure you end up with the best chair for you is to try out different options and compare your experience in each one. As you’re getting massaged in various chairs, answer these questions so help you narrow down the options until you find your massage chair match.

1. Did the quality of the massage impress you?

If the massage felt smooth and relaxing, you’re on the right track. If the entire massage felt like you were being bruised by mechanical rollers, it’s probably not the right choice.

2. Did the massage address your area of concern?

A massage chair that focuses on your back is not going to help if you’re trying to address areas of pain in your hips or legs. Most luxury massage chairs have components to massage your extremities, so keep in mind the area in need of massaging and find a chair that best addresses it.

3. Were you able to achieve the right amount of pressure?

Even though quality massage chairs allow you to adjust the amount of pressure you experience, some chairs will feel better than others due to differences in manufacturing. The type and placement of rollers can make a big impact on how the massage feels.

4. Should massage therapy be part of your daily health routine?

When you’re looking for a massage chair to use every day, you should make sure it provides a comfortable, beneficial massage. Your goal should be to find the massage chair that makes the biggest difference in the areas of stress relief and pain management.

5. How much are you willing to pay for the massage you just received?

It’s better to invest in a chair you enjoy using that improves your quality of life than to buy a cheap one that doesn’t get the job done. That being said, if you wouldn’t pay five dollars for a massage from a particular chair, it’s not worth your money. Wait until you find a chair you’re willing to spend the money to own.

6. How often would you like to get a massage in this specific chair?

After your first experience in a massage chair, you might think it’s the chair for you…until you try the next chair. Make sure you try out enough chairs to pinpoint the one that feels the best instead of settling for the first one you sit in.

7. Would you be excited to tell people about this chair?

Because a massage chair represents an investment, you should be excited to use it and share your news with family and friends. If you’re considering buying a chair but aren’t looking forward to spreading the word about your new chair or using it daily, it might not be the right chair for you.

You’ll likely own your massage chair for many years, and Rest & Relax wants to make sure they are years filled with excellent massages. Although the top-quality models in our showrooms might make it tough to pick just one, our seat experts will gladly demonstrate the features and benefits of each of them until you’ve chosen the one for you. Stop by today to find your perfect massage chair.