When you’re experiencing back pain, it is difficult to relax and even harder to get a good night’s sleep. While issues like previous injuries or current medical conditions can cause back pain, many people are unaware their mattress could be another contributing factor.

Signs To Look For

How can you tell if your mattress is increasing the amount of back pain you’re experiencing? If you experience some or all of the following symptoms, it is probably time to get a new mattress.

  • It is difficult for you to find a comfortable sleeping position
  • You feel like you’re being swallowed up by your bed because it is too soft
  • Some of the positions you lie in cause an increase in uncomfortable feelings of pressure, pains and aches
  • You wake up without cause throughout the night
  • You notice an improvement in your back pain when you get out of bed and start your day

These are all signals your mattress needs replaced or you’re sleeping on the wrong type of mattress.

Evaluate Your Sleep Posture

Once you’ve decided to buy a new mattress, it’s crucial to know how to pick the best one for your sleep needs. Regardless of which position you prefer to sleep in, your mattress should keep your spine in a neutral position. Sleeping on your back is best, as it allows for even distribution of your weight and better overall alignment. If you’re a side sleeper, check to see if there’s an angle between your top hip and knees. Sleeping at improper angles can twist your spine and cause poor alignment. Sleeping on your stomach causes the most tension in your spine, since you have to twist your neck and usually your knees to be comfortable.

It is much easier to choose the right mattress when you understand how you sleep. Because proper alignment and good posture affect your muscles, they also have an impact on your levels of back pain, skeletal strain and ability to relax while you sleep. Having the right mattress can help improve your sleep posture and alleviate back pain.

Getting the Right Kind of Support

Back pain is the number one cause of disability across the globe and is typically triggered by:

  • Injury
  • Job strain
  • Sleeping on an incorrect surface
  • Combination of these factors

If your body can’t recover from all the strain on your ligaments, muscles and skeleton while you sleep, your back pain will continue to increase and new issues can emerge. That’s why having a mattress that provides the proper back support is crucial.

While the lifespan of a mattress is affected by many factors such as compression from repeated use, the amount of support it provides will decrease. Since this process can be gradual, many people aren’t aware when their mattress is no longer supporting them properly. A lack of support causes improper alignment, muscle strain and back pain.

Because Rest & Relax wants you to have the best sleep possible, we take your back pain into consideration when you’re shopping for a mattress. Our sleep experts understand the technology behind each type of bed and know which one will adequately support your back and help alleviate back pain when you sleep. Try out a variety of the industry’s top mattresses at one of our showrooms today and start getting the relaxing sleep you deserve.