Everyone’s body has different massage needs. Maybe you engage in exhausting physical activities or spend most of your day sitting down getting stiff muscles. Whatever muscle aches you are experiencing, there is a type of massage designed to provide relief and relaxation.

Because Rest and Relax understands the need for variety in a massage chair, the quality brands we carry combine the latest technology with the most relaxing massage types to provide your muscles the release they need. Learn more about the differences between massage styles so you can select the options on you want on your massage chair.

Deep Tissue Massage

The purpose of this type of massage is to reduce tension and tightness in the muscle tissue deeper under the skin. It is a little known fact that it only takes 20 minutes of seated inactivity for your muscles to become stiff. Especially if you have a desk job or perform the same motion repeatedly, your muscles can assume an unnatural position that impacts posture and causes pain.

Anyone with scar tissue from a previous injury is more prone to these kinds of muscle aches, as scar tissue reduces the flexibility of the muscle. When you need relief from chronic muscle tension, this kind of massage should do the trick.

A deep tissue massage is designed to target your:

· Hips
· Wrists
· Shoulders
· Ankles
· Mid-back

Spending at least 15 minutes in a massage chair using the deep tissue setting can help reduce scar tissue and muscle adhesions. In addition to reducing your pain and tension, a daily deep tissue massage can improve your mobility and range of motion.

Swedish Massage

When your body experiences elevated levels of stress or anxiety, it can result in high blood pressure and a weaker immune system. When your body is massaged, it releases the relaxation hormone called serotonin. This means getting a massage can not only reduce your anxiety but also help lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Using the Swedish massage setting on your massage chair before you go to bed can even help you sleep better.


One of the less well-known styles, reflexology targets areas of your feet that correspond to other body parts. The theory behind reflexology holds that pressure on various nerve areas sends signals to other body systems. These signals stimulate the release of endorphins and other chemicals that affect stress and pain levels.

Reflexology massages are sought to combat conditions such as:

· Arthritis
· Digestive issues like constipation
· Tension headaches
· Insomnia
· Stress

Many people use this type of massage in combination with others for maximum relief.

Shiatsu Massage

Any time your muscles are tense, your blood vessels and nerves experience extra force that can be quite painful. A shiatsu massage is designed to put pressure on specific areas that can send signals to the tight muscles causing them to relax. The result is a combination of looser muscles and reduced compression on your nerves. While this type of massage can be very beneficial, be careful when selecting this option on your chair if you are more sensitive or experience minimal discomfort during a massage. The pressure applied to acupuncture points can be too intense for some people.

Each form of massage will impact individuals differently, so make sure any conditions or injuries are discussed with your doctor before attempting one of any type. The massage chairs we offer at Rest and Relax provide different combinations of these massage styles to ensure you find the relief and relaxation you’re looking for. Stop by one of our showrooms today and see just how much of a difference a 15-minute massage can make.