When it comes to the firmness of a mattress, it’s not about one type being better than another. It’s about which type is best for your sleep style and allows you to get a restful night’s sleep. Take a look at the mattress scale of firmness and find where you fall before you start trying out mattresses. This can give you somewhere to start when you enter a showroom to figure out which one you prefer.

I Want to Sink Into My Bed

Mattresses that fall into the “soft” category are generally best if you sleep on your side. While they can provide excellent support for lighter people, those with larger body types might need something more firm to get adequate support. Take a look at the details below to find out what you might enjoy.

Ultra Soft:
The softness of this type of mattress is accomplished by constructing the mattress with many individual cushioning layers. That means these mattresses are often tall.
The materials used to construct this type of mattress can range from traditional innerspring to the more recently engineered gel memory foam.

Because they are softer, mattresses in these categories can help reduce pain in your pressure points. As you try out these mattresses, you should feel like you’re sinking into them when you lie down.

I Like to Keep Things Balanced

If you’re not sure where to begin your search for the perfect mattress, medium mattresses are an excellent place to start. They adapt well to all sleep styles and provide a wonderful balance between the cushioning of a soft mattress and the support of a firm mattress. Especially if you’re intending to share the mattress with someone of a different sleep style, this type of mattress can be a good compromise.

The wide variety of constructions and materials this type of mattress can be manufactured with allow some medium mattresses to feel closer to the soft side of the scale while others will feel more on the firm side.

Luxury firm, one of the sub-categories of mattress, is actually designed to feel like a medium bed and is a very popular choice for couples.

I Crave Stability

Those who sleep on their backs or stomachs usually need a firmer mattress to provide stability. These types of mattresses don’t have the additional layers found in a soft mattress, so they are usually thinner and denser.

Because they still have a little bit of give to them, some side sleepers are very comfortable on this type of mattress. While they primarily focus on support, some mattresses in this category contain latex or hybrid foam for a touch of cushioning.
Extra Firm:
When you need the maximum about of support, this is the type of mattress for you. Typically constructed of innersprings or foam, you should feel like you’re lying completely on top of a mattress like this instead of sinking in.

Anyone who needs the support of a mattress in the firm category but still wants the cushioning feel of a soft mattress may benefit from adding a soft mattress topper to a firm mattress. You might also consider a mattress with pillow-top construction.

The diversity of the mattresses we carry at Rest and Relax allows you to choose from a variety of options you won’t find anywhere else. We know that to get the kind of sleep you deserve, you need the right mattress. Regardless of where you fall on the support scale, Rest & Relax has a luxurious mattress that can revolutionize your sleep. Let one of our sleep experts provide more details about the kinds of mattresses you’re interested in today at one of our showrooms.