Since originally manufactured, there have been astounding advances in hot tub technology. The latest models are not only capable of providing a relaxing experience but also of effectively easing tension and muscle pain. Because Rest & Relax carries the highest quality tubs available, you will get the best in hydrotherapy when you make purchase with us. If you will be using your hot tub primarily for therapeutic reasons, the jets should be the first thing you consider.

Jet Quantity

While quantity doesn’t equate quality, the number of jets can definitely have an impact on the amount of tension relief you experience. A seat with six jets can cover more pressure points than a seat with one or two jets. A quality tub will usually have a different number or arrangement of jets in each seat to allow for multiple types of massages.

Jet Placement

As you look at the location of the jets on a hot tub, choose a tub with jets that target areas more prone to having tension like the neck, feet, wrists and legs. If the only area of your body the jets can access is your back, you won’t get relief anywhere else. Some models have separate seats designed to target different areas of your body depending on where you’re experiencing tension. You should also consider purchasing a model with a lounger seat if you’re looking for full-body hydrotherapeutic results.

Customization Options

When you need to focus on different isolated pain points, the best tub for you will be one that allows for the position of the jets to be customized. Some hot tub manufacturers produce tubs with jets that are interchangeable between water sockets so your massage experience is personalized to your needs.

Jet Quality

If all the jets on a hot tub are the same size and can only point in one direction, you’re looking at a low quality tub. You want a variety of jet opening diameters to provide different types of massages. Jet openings with a large diameter are designed to give a more deep tissue massage to larger muscle groups. Smaller jets can give a lighter massage to more sensitive areas. Jets that spray water straight out in one direction are also much less effective at reducing your tension. To get the best hydro massage, make sure the jets can produce a water flow that rotates or pulsates to effectively knead your sore muscles.

Pump Horsepower

Regardless of the number of jets and their placement, if the hot tub pump doesn’t provide adequate horsepower, you’ll end up with a mediocre hydro massage. The jets need to provide the proper balance between airflow and water propulsion to get deep tissue therapy results. The more horsepower the pump has, the more intense your experience can be.

Whether you’re looking for the best in hydrotherapy or a way to relax and enjoy time with friends and family, the hot tubs at Rest & Relax deliver superior results. We guarantee you’ll enjoy using your tub as part of a health and wellness plan as well as for entertainment. To find everything you’re looking for in a new hot tub, visit one of our showrooms today and see for yourself what quality hot tubs look like.