Because massage therapy can have a positive impact on just about every system in your body, there are tremendous health benefits to getting massages regularly. From improved circulation and a healthier skeletal system to relaxed muscles and a clear digestive system, massages can help in many ways most people are unaware of.

Advances in technology have allowed massage chairs to deliver a positive and incredibly realistic massage experience. This means an increasing number of people are questioning how a massage chair stacks up against a human massage and whether it is worth the investment. Here are some things to think about as you begin your search for a massage chair.

1. Convenience

To get a massage from a therapist, you typically have to book an appointment and go to a salon or parlor. When you have a massage chair, you can sit down at your convenience and without leaving your home. You can also squeeze in a 15 minute massage to take advantage of the health benefits of a daily massage even if you only have a few minutes to spare. This type of convenience means you can change a massage from a weekly or monthly luxury into part of your daily wellness program.

2. Comfort

While some enjoy the warmth and experience of a personal touch, others don’t feel as comfortable removing their clothes and being touched. Regardless of whether or not you’re acquainted with the therapist, getting a massage can still be an emotionally uncomfortable activity. A massage chair allows you to truly relax in virtually any attire from the privacy of your home. When you’re more emotionally comfortable, you can experience a deeper state of relaxation. You can also play soothing music if you have a massage chair with integrated music.

3. Cost

Although a massage chair may seem to present more of a cost initially, it can actually be incredibly inexpensive over time. Even if you spend $5,000 on a massage chair, you can typically finance it for around $100 per month. That means you could get a massage every day in your chair for the price of one massage each month at a salon. If you are visiting a masseuse more frequently, you could be spending up to $400 or $500 a month. At that rate, even if you purchase the massage chair outright without financing, you would see a return on your investment in about a year.

4. Pressure

You are totally in control of the pressure and depth of your massage when you’re in a massage chair. Although you can have a therapist adjust the amount of pressure they’re applying, it can be awkward to tell a masseuse if you’re experiencing discomfort. Some massage chairs allow you to program a customized massage so you can adjust the amount of pressure until it feels best for you. As your body gets acclimated to receiving more frequent massages, you can adjust the pressure so you’re always able to get the right type of massage for your body.

The bottom line is that getting massaged is extremely beneficial for your mind and body and is something you should do regularly. While both humans and massage chairs can produce the results you’re looking for, there are many reasons having a massage chair in your home is well worth the investment.

Rest & Relax knows you work hard and deserve a way to recover after a long day. We also understand how important daily massages can be as part of a wellness routine. Any of our seat therapy experts will gladly talk you through additional benefits of owning a massage chair and help you get the right chair for you at the best price. Come see for yourself the difference a massage chair from Rest & Relax can make for you.