As you shop for a hot tub, you’ve most likely already thought about the cleaning and maintenance required to keep a tub safe to use and in good working order. What you may not realize is the impact different water care systems can have on the lifespan of your tub as well as how much enjoyment you get out of using it.

Because we want you to enjoy using your new hot tub, the soak therapy experts at Rest & Relax can talk you through the differences between types of water care systems and the benefits and drawbacks of each. Read through these facts on water care systems to get a better idea about which one might be best for you.

1. Traditional

Traditional water care systems involve using a cartridge to release either chlorine or bromine. These chemicals kill bacteria in the water and prevent algae growth. Systems like this are typically simple to use and the least expensive option for water care. They also tend to require the most frequent maintenance. There are some cartridge systems that involve an additional ozone unit and special silver ion cartridges. The main advantage of this type of traditional water care is that it drastically reduces the amount of chlorine needed to keep the tub clean.

2. Salt Water

Often the option with the largest price tag, salt water systems don’t require a cartridge and are very low maintenance. Because the sanitizer is generated automatically by the system, you won’t have to spend as much time adding chemicals manually. While salt water systems have their advantages, some hot tub manufacturers don’t recommend them because of the damage they can do to the tub. Salt can corrode the pump, seals and other components of a tub and shorten its lifespan. There will also still be chlorine in the water, although it will be in smaller amounts.

3. Chlorine-Free

Although this choice for water care can require the most maintenance, it provides the benefit of not requiring any chlorine or bromine in your tub. This means the water will be much gentler on your skin, hair and eyes. Especially if you have allergies or sensitive skin, a system like this can allow you to get more use out of your hot tub.

Each type of water care system offers something different, and there is a wide range of qualities between product brands within each system. For example, some brands of traditional systems offer products with lower chemical levels to reduce the effects on your tub and body. Talk through the expectations you have for a water care system today with any of the team members at our Rest & Relax locations.