Whether it’s in the car, at the office or at home, everyone sits down at some point during their day. Even though it may only be for a short period of time, sitting with poor posture can shift your body out of alignment and cause pain in your neck, back or joints. One way to remedy your sitting posture is to purchase a Stressless recliner specifically designed to provide ideal neck and lumbar support. When you don’t have the luxury of sitting in a Stressless chair, use this checklist to make sure you’re sitting with the correct posture.

1. Shoulders Aligned and Relaxed

Make it a point to relax your shoulders, as most people tend to carry tension in that area. Look down to ensure your shoulders are aligned with your hips. You may need to adjust your shoulders back and push out your chest to achieve the correct position. While this may seem awkward at first, it is much better for your body.

2. Back Adequately Supported

The majority of chairs don’t have the proper support for your back, since they are mass-produced to be one-size-fits-all. The immense variety of heights, weights and body types almost ensures that your back won’t get the support it needs. That’s why Stressless manufactures chairs in different sizes. Getting a Stressless chair ensures your back will be supported in just the right places for your size.

3. Arms Supported and Correctly Angled

If you don’t consider the position of your arms when you think about your sitting posture, you’re in the majority. The reality is when your arms are not correctly supported or at an awkward angle, it puts significantly more stress on your neck and shoulder muscles. Ideally, you want your arms to lie flat with your elbows bent at a 90 degree angle.

4. Knees at a 90 Degree Angle

Keeping your knees at a 90 degree angle helps make sure your thighs are horizontal, making it easier to get your hips and shoulders in a straight line. If you have a tendency to tuck your feet under your seat, fight the urge to sit in that position since your knee joints are already under enough stress each day. You can remedy this problem at home by getting a Stressless recliner with an adjustable ottoman. Elevating your feet not only helps your posture and alignment but also improves your blood circulation.

5. Flat Feet

If your feet aren’t resting flat on the floor, odds are good your knees aren’t at a 90 degree angle and the rest of your body will be more difficult to properly align. This means no crossing your legs or ankles and no tucking your feet under the chair. One of the main reasons people position their feet or legs awkwardly is due to the lack of proper support from their chair. Created with solutions to this and other issues in mind, Stressless chairs can help you correct poor sitting posture more easily.

Because we want to improve your lifestyle, Rest & Relax proudly offers the Stressless products you need to relax and achieve the proper sitting posture. Stylish Stressless chairs could be just what you and your family need to encourage comfortable conversations. To see the different options for colors and styles and try out the different sizes Stressless offers, visit your nearest showroom today.