If you’ve ever been in your friend’s hot tub or a hot tub at a resort or hotel, you’ve probably thought about how nice it would be to have one of your own. Odds are also good you’ve made some excuses not to seriously look into purchasing one. Although these may seem like convincing reasons on the surface, it doesn’t take much digging to realize how easy it would be to make your dream of owning a hot tub a reality.

1. A Hot Tub is a Luxury Item I Don’t Need

Perhaps this was true 20 years ago when hot tubs were primarily used for social purposes instead of therapy. The hot tubs on the market today, however, pull the rug out from under this excuse. With jets specifically designed for hydrotherapy and water massage, the health benefits provided by soaking in a hot tub have moved it from the luxury category into the health and wellness category. Here are just a few of the benefits of using a hot tub daily:

  • Reduced stress
  • Tension relief
  • Eased joint pressure
  • Relief for sore muscles
  • Accelerated healing

Far from being unnecessary, using a hot tub can cause a noticeable difference in how your body moves and feels. It can also improve your mental health and have a huge impact on your quality of life. It would be tough to find someone willing to say that being physically and mentally healthier is a luxury.

2. A Quality Hot Tub is Too Expensive

Most wise people understand there’s a big difference between cost and value. Basing the worth of a hot tub off its price tag is a mistake. When you take into account the value of feeling relaxed and being healthier, the cost seems much lower. Even if you aren’t concerned about the value of health benefits, you can own one of the best tubs available for less than $10 a day. When you consider how much better you would feel if you could use your own hot tub every day, $10 is more than worth it.

3. It Wouldn’t Get Used Enough

Because hot tubs today can be so beneficial to your health if used regularly, citing this excuse means you don’t understand how much better a hot tub could make you feel. The therapy provided by water massage can be difficult and expensive to find elsewhere. Purchasing a hot tub is not only an investment in entertainment and fun but also in your health and future. Just a short, 15 minute soak in the evenings can have a dramatic effect on how you feel and even how you sleep. If everyone knew how much of an impact soaking in a hot tub can have, more people would own one and use it daily.

At Rest & Relax, we’ve heard every excuse people can come with for why not to purchase a hot tub. If you’re tired of listing the reasons why you can’t own a hot tub, stop into one of our showrooms and let a soak expert explain why you can and even should have one of your own. Not because we’re interested in making a sale, but because we’re dedicated to making a difference in your life. Let us show you how simple it can be to own a hot tub and feel your best.