Anyone who purchases a massage chair that breaks down within the first year is understandably frustrated. Usually, they end up contacting a technician to fix the issue. Over the years, technicians have noticed several common components that comprise a quality massage chair. Check out this list of things to look for in a chair so you don’t end up having unexpected issues.

1. Technology

Some massage chair companies continue to sell chairs with the same technology year after year. They may update the look or style, but don’t actually change much on the inside. While this may lower the cost of research and development for the company, and sometimes the cost of the chair, it doesn’t do anything to improve the quality of the chair or your massage. Many newer chairs on the market today not only provide a much better massage than older ones, but also have advanced features that provide improved health benefits.

2. Mechanical Elements

The mechanical elements of some chairs make them prone to breaking down more easily. They can also make them very difficult for even an experienced technician to fix. A poor quality chair can be complicated to take apart and put together, so there’s a very low chance you could fix it without calling a technician. Quality chairs with sturdy, durable mechanics are less likely to break down and also usually much easier to repair.

3. Electrical Parts

The electrical system is the most important part of the massage chair. When a chair has electrical problems, it either requires extensive repair or needs replaced entirely. It can be much better to invest in a chair with quality electrical parts than to save a few dollars up front and end up with a chair that breaks down quickly or frequently.

4. Company Customer Service

Issues that arise with a massage chair can be frustrating enough without having to deal with poor customer care. Whether you deal with the store you purchased your chair from or the manufacturing company, both should be committed to ensuring you feel valued and end up completely satisfied with the performance of your chair. Make sure the company that manufactures the chair has superior customer service ratings.

5. Price

Although a quality massage chair is typically worth spending a bit more money on, you need to make sure you’re not paying more for unnecessary bells and whistles or gimmicks. A massage chair is an investment, and you deserve to get the best chair for the price. Look for chairs from respected companies that have excellent customer reviews. It is also crucial that you try out a massage chair before you purchase it. You should make sure the chair you’re interested in is going to be the best fit for you.

The seat experts at Rest & Relax are not certified massage chair technicians. They are, however, experienced with many types of massage chairs and know how to tell a quality chair from one that you most likely won’t be satisfied with. You deserve to be impressed by your chair. Try one or all of the massage chairs in a Rest & Relax showroom to experience a quality massage chair today.