Blue Lagoon Hot Tub


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Elegantly designed and affordably built, the Beachcomber Blue Lagoon model takes the classic hot tub shape and brings it back to life. Featuring all the benefits of our more expensive models, this hot tub includes up to 45 fully customizable jets for comfort and seating for 5. It is the perfect model for those with space constraints or people who are looking at more affordable options. Although smaller in size, the Blue Lagoon model is built with Beachcomber's standard luxury and hydrotherapy capabilities.

Key Information

  • Up to 45 customizable jets

  • 9 Water sockets

  • Seats up to 5 people, plus 1 cooling seat

  • Atlantis acrylic

Technical Specifications

  • 78″ x 78″ x 34″

  • 242 gallons / 916 liters

  • 425 lbs

Own it today for only $9,296

Financing available from $258 / month with $0 Down & 0% Interest for 36 months!

Visit your nearest showroom for availability!

Beachcomber Hot Tubs: Artfully Designed

Standard Features Included on All Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Hand-Crafted Quality

Quality is built standard into every Beachcomber hot tub. We take special pride in knowing that every one of our customers is receiving an amazing, top-class product when they buy a Beachcomber. They spend a countless number of hours hand-crafting, inspecting and re-inspecting every hot tub that leaves the factory floor. This is how they’ve been able to maintain a 98% customer referral rating.

Built for Long-lasting Comfort

Durability is a key ingredient of the Beachcomber hot tub recipe. While other brands focus a lot of their energy glitz and gimmicks, at the core of every Beachcomber is the promise of long-lasting durability. Sheltered by their rain, wind and snow resistant enviroskirt, each hot tub is crafted in a way that limits its exposure to the elements and maintains its performance, even in the harshest climates.

World-Class Energy Efficiency

Beachcomber Hot Tubs are always amongst the most energy efficient hot tubs in the industry. For example, their hot tubs use up to 33%* less energy than the competition at the same water volume range. With energy efficiency built-into every aspect of their hot tubs, Beachcomber has made owning a hot tub much more affordable. The main efficiency feature, Beachcomber’s 100% Cavity Sealed Insulation, locks in and seals the tubs cavity, preventing moisture from entering and heat from exiting. Thus, creating a well-protected, amazingly insulated hot tub.

Innovative Design, Intelligently Engineered & Constructed

Beachcomber hot tubs are built to stand tall against the test of time and not cause you problems. There are countless Beachcomber Hot Tubs around the world that are over 20 years old and still running like new. The dependability of our hot tubs far outweighs the savings of purchasing a lower quality, defective product that you’ll have to throw out after just a few years. Knowing that this quality resides in such a beautiful vessel brings a strong pride of ownership.


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