////Synca Wellness – Circ Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair

Synca Wellness – Circ Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair


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Massage Chair Features

The design of the 106-degree angle between the seat and backrest creates a posture so comfortable you won’t want to leave. Treat your pelvic region with the CirC’s SL-Track. Muscles in the pelvic region are an important support structure associated with lower leg and vertebral core muscle movement. Tense or stiff muscles in the pelvic region can cause pain and dysfunction in the lower back and hips. The Circ Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chairs ambient side lighting and superior massage will set a calming atmosphere every night to help you de-stress and prepare for a good night’s sleep. Feel and move better with the Circ Premium SL Track Heated Massage Chair by Synca Wellness.

  • Traveling L Shape Rail
  • Advanced Hip Therapy
  • 5 Auto Courses & Manual Controls
  • Easy Controller
  • Restorative Heat Therapy
  • Ambient Lighting

Top Quality Synca Wellness Products

Eastern Engineering

Synca Wellness is a luxury health brand that serves discerning consumers looking for the ultimate in physical and mental relaxation. The SYNCA business strategy focuses on Japanese design, engineering, and products made in JAPAN.

Premium User Experience

The SYNCA brand only features products utilizing the Japanese approach to health and wellness ensuring the best product quality, the most elegant design, and the best user experience possible. Through Synca’s corporate offices in Osaka Japan the Synca team is able to globally distribute premium health and wellness products while maintaining these standards.


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